SVLK Certification

Pinako has taken one step forward toward responsible logging and became one of the first companies in Indonesia who gets the SVLK Certification. Pinako has been approved as SVLK certified company since 6 May 2011 with certificate # BRIK-VLK-0013. This means that all of Pinako's products that include Garden furniture, flooring, decking and Albizia barecore are products of legal sources.  All our export will be accompanied by V-Legal document and Logo.

SVLK is Timber Legality Verification System issued by the Indonesian Government.  It is also known as TLAS (Timber Legality Assurance System).  It is an Indonesian effort to assure the legality of its timber products, which is in line with the trend of major timber market globally and will meet this stronger demand for legal timber.  Companies with SVLK (TLAS) certificate guarantee that operator/timber industry complied legality standards and criterias.  The industries that already comply with SVLK certificate need to obtain V-Legal document for every consignment or export.  The V-Legal document ensure that timber and timber product came from legal sources.